9000BPH Automatic 9 Cavity Bottle Blowing Machine For500mL
9000BPH Automatic 9 Cavity Bottle Blowing Machine For500mL
9000BPH Automatic 9 Cavity Bottle Blowing Machine For500mL

Linear blowing machine has 3 types, one for 4,6,8 respectively with4000-8000 BPH. It has the following advantages: human-machine Interface control, easy to operate; automatic preform loading and unscrambling;preform hopper,stable preform alignment,loading preforms according to capacity, close structure, low contamination. Well preform heating system; preforms are evenly heated, and easy to blow, etc

Product Description

2.1 General description

The automatic blowing machine adopts our most advanced blowing technologies. This machine is a fully automatic, high intelligent, stable and reliable blowing machine, with simple structure, and low energy consumption. It is very popular and well used in food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry.

2.2 Function and advantages

Ø Man-machine Interface control, easy to operate

Ø Automatic preform loading and unscrambling

Ø Preform hopper

Ø Stable preform alignment, loading preforms according to capacity

Ø Close structure, low contamination

Ø Well preform heating system

Ø Stable rotating system

Ø Preforms are evenly heated, and easy to blow

Ø Low energy consumption, heating capacity is adjustable

Ø Recycling air cooling system in oven (option)

Ø Heating system is a mutual feedback and closed loop system, can works in a constant power output, without being affected by voltage fluctuation.

2.3 Preform loading, bottle fetching and outputting

All the preform loading and bottle fetching and outputting movements are finished by mechanical transfer arms, which avoid contamination.

2.4 Change moulds

The whole moulds changing takes only one hour.

2.5 High automation, low contamination

Fully enclosed design, finished bottle is transferred by mechanical arms and conveying belt, the whole production process avoids human contact, thus ensuring a healthy and cleaning environment which meets national health standards.

2.6 Stable and reliable performance

All the important parts, such as electric and pneumatic components, seals, bearings, and reducers, etc., are European or Japanese brands, ensuring a high qualified machine and reliable performance.

2.7 Human-machine Interface

Taiwan EV HMI, with a variety of parameters setting function, is easy to operate. Operators can modify the parameters while the machine is running, such as the pre-blowing, second blowing, blowing time, etc.

2.8 Easy maintenance

PLC communicates with machine through a specific cable connection. User can control every movement of the machine through this PLC. Once there is a failure, machine will alarm and display the problem. Operator can easily find the reason and solve the problem.

2.9 Safety

The automatic blowing machine is equipped with the following comprehensive mechanical and electrical safety devices to ensure the safety of operators and a long-term stable performance.

A. Safety of operators

This equipment is a fully enclosed structure, equipped with comprehensive and reliable guarding doors, which promises a very safe operation.

B. Safety of equipment

Multi-point detection technology maximized the protection of positioning system, clamping system, and stretching system.

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